Here are maps of how to get to our 2 venues:
You can easily get into the parking lot at Brittingham Park (blue arrows) regardless of which direction you're traveling on West Washington Avenue:

Not quite so easy coming out, however, because as you exit the parking lot from Brittingham Park (red arrows), you're required to turn right onto West Washington Avenue. You have to go a couple of blocks in that direction before you can make a U-turn across the median strip to head back south toward the school:

This map shows you how to get from the wedding to the reception:

Veer to the right once you get to Fish Hatchery Road, and then keep your eyes peeled for Wright Middle School, about half a mile away, on your left. Then follow these directions:

Walking in after you've parked:

Somewhere along the corridor on the way to the gym you'll see a table with nametags on it. One of them is yours. You know what to do.