Grrrr, Bad Tech. Bad! No Doggie Treats for You!

So this morning we had scheduled a conference call with the good people who've agreed to take part in our wedding ceremony, and we had notified all of them of the number to call, the codes to punch in, the time (10 AM), etc. But, of course, all of this presumes that somebody (that would be us) had called in first using conference-administrator privileges to open the conference. And it worked exactly that way when we tested it out a couple of times last week, so we figured we were good for today. That is, right up until 9:55, when we tried to do it for real, at which point it didn't work at all. A frantic call to the service informed us that they had lost all track of the fact that Abigail was an authorized customer who had just paid her subscription fee last week.

For future reference, the company that bunged up our planned call is InterCall OnLine. They do not offer customer service or tech support on weekends. We now officially hate them.

Dang. Technology is supposed to just WORK, dammit!

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