Reception Menu

As we've mentioned, our reception will be catered by Swagat Indian Restaurant. We've nailed down the menu:
  • Appetizers (samosa = dumpling; pakora = fritter)
    • vegetable samosa
    • vegetable pakora
    • shrimp pakora
    • chicken pakora
  • Breads
    • garlic naan
    • onion kulcha
    • chicken naan
  • Entrees*
    • chicken tikka masala (cubed chicken, Tandoori-baked, in creamy tomato sauce)
    • paneer jalfrazie (cottage cheese cooked w/vegetables)
  • Desserts
    • kheer (rice pudding)
    • caramel cream (Indian version of flan)

*Each of these will be prepared mild. At the end of the serving line, there will be spices and flavorings for those who prefer their food hotter.

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